Long before the launch of our first hull in 2004, we had decided that RIB would mean much more than Rigid Inflatable Boat. To us, it stands for a rare, individual boat owner.

A quick glance at a map can easily explain why Technohull boats are being built in this part of the world. A country that can be more accurately described as a giant peninsula, Greece has some of the world’s most alluring waters,

dotted with 1,200 islands. But it’s also infamous for seas that can build from flat calm to mountainous within hours - an environment which is a seagoing vessel’s ideal proving ground. When the sea froths and the light falls, a sleek, fast, manoeuvrable hull is a necessity, not a luxury.

Yet ultimate luxury is precisely what you’ll encounter

the moment you step on board one of our boats: immaculately-laid teak decks, exquisite fittings, unrivalled comfort, uncanny attention to detail. Which is why each Technohull boat is not only an absolute joy to handle in all types of weather but also a delight to lounge in and a visual feast when admired from ashore.

We invite you to experience pleasure and performance from our point of view.